Monday, September 29, 2008

Whats up down under!

We are alive and safe! After traveling for over 24 hours we arrived in Brisbane just to be greeted by humid weather, and framiliar faces! As soon as we got here i felt as if i could let out a huge sigh of relief. After months of prayer and waiting and support raising we are finally here doing what we have been thinking and talking about for over half a year!

We started out last week with staff training. A long time YWAM'er Rob Westwood flew in from Melbourne to teach us about leadership. I have been staffing many schools but have never really formally been trained so it was really nice to be able to listen on topics like: time management, servant leadership, governmental vs. spiritual leadership, etc. We the spent the rest of our time talking over outreach locations, work duties...all of the small things that students think just happen with no time or preparation, but actually take FOREVER to discuss.

**Something i am really excited about is the markets. A fellow staff memeber and I are going to set up a booth in the markets on saturday and sunday mornings and sell jewelry. This jewelry is made by prostitutes in Cambodia and Thailand who have been taken off the streets and out of brothels and are making crafts to earn some money to either go to school, or just live. Many of these girls were sold at an early age and have never had anything else but the sex industry driving their life. We have decided to set up this booth not only to raise awarness of the matter but also to evangelise to the other women. I am so excited about this opportunity!

The students all come this week which means CHAOS is about to happen for the next few weeks. Getting settled in and getting everyone in the "know". Outreach locations, where everything is, what the heck a DTS really is, and so much more will all be uncovered in this next week! I am so excited to be here. To really take the time to get to know and dive into the heart of 3 girls over the next 6 months. To share fears, goals, hard-ships, and to un-veil the love of Jesus none of them ever knew exhisted....It brings tears to my eyes!!

More to come once we dived in a little bit!!

Our new place!

Here are some pics of our new (but very small) house! Enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

all things set...lets go

We can finally say that we are leaving for Australia! As of early this morning we were granted our visas...PRAISE GOD!

I cant even begin to tell you how glad i am that this process is all over! I guess life would a little bit on the boring side if things like this didnt keep us on our toes a little bit! Alas, we have our visa and are set to leave on tuesday out of LA at 11pm. All of our bags are packed...lets just say we are ready to go!

Heres a little update on our finances:
Our goal is 1500/mo and we are currently at 1160. We have been extremly blessed by one-time support so that the gap between what we have and what we need is fairly small! We would love to share our heart with you and our need if you are thinking or praying about supporting a missionary, consider supporting us!