Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunsets and silhouette dreams

Since we have been back from outreach i would love to say that our lives have slowed down and we are rested and ready for the next step...but i would be lying! I think since we have returned fromd Vanuatu our lives have just got busier!! Some cool things are happening though. Its been fun and crazy and Gods been in the middle of it all!

After the school we flew down to Newcastle to do our Cert IV in Training and Assesment. In Australia YWAM is a government accredited organization...(i could go into A LOT of detail but to spare you from a lot of reading i will just say, email me if you want to know about that!) So for 2 weeks we were learning about assesment and training development. It is a 2 part course which we are completing these next few weeks in Melbourne. It has been fun going to different bases and meeting other staff. We have been learning about Gods heart for YWAM and for the DTS program specifically. I think the best part about the training has just been seeking Gods heart for the students who are coming through our base and how we can best equip them to be sent out into the Nations.

We had some time when we were home to dream a little bit with some friends of ours. We like to get together and talk about how we can make the DTS better and more of a long term life choice of missions instead of a 6 month God "stint". We have started brainstorming about something we could start that we are calling "Boomerang". This would be a internship that students and staff could be a part of either after their DTS or while they are staffing. Something we see happen all the time is people coming through who have a heart for the Nations and for missions but dont know how or where they want or can go. They are scared to go by themselves into a country for life (fair enough right?!). Our dream is to have long term people set up in outreach locations (hopefully 4 or 5) where we have long term people set up. Ultimately these people will be sent for a 6-12 month "internship". These would be places where either we have extremly reliable contacts OR we would have one of our own placed there. This is where Justin and i come in. As many of you know, our heart is for the nations and discipling them. God has really done a lot in teaching us where and how this is going to be played out (more on that in the next blog!). Our hope is, if this is where God is placing us, to use this as our opportunity to get out there. The first phase would be to establish contacts by going to a country or two for some time ourselves and sort out some details and then host and take teams back to those locations. Ultimately it would be for us to be stationed there long term and teams, churches, individuals would be sent to us. Now, this is all very up in the air, but if you multiply Justin and I by 4 or 5 people in different locations. Hopefully eventually having teams of people there and DTS outreaches sent 3 times a year....we will be effectivly raising up a harvest of workers where they now have an outlet for the Nations!!

I know there is a lot to read and thank you for all of what you do for us. I cant wait to write more about what the Lord has been breaking our hearts for. I might shed a few teams while writing it! We love you guys and thanks for reading!!