Saturday, January 2, 2010

What we're reading

People are always asking us what we are reading so, I thought i would do a blog on a few of the books we have either read, or are reading right now...hope you enjoy!
"Everyday Justice" By Julie Clawson.

"The Justice Project" by Brian McLaren
"Creating a World without Poverty" by Muhammed Yunus
"The Poor will be Glad" by Peter Greer and Phil Smith

As you can see many of the books we read are focused on Poverty, Justice, and our brothers and sisters overseas. Reading books like these expand our minds and open us up for the possibility of a new world. A better life for everyone. Being in developing Nations while reading these books is very challenging but dreaming with each other and a very creative determined God is exciting. I encourage you to pick up any or all of these books!!