Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The July school has officially kick-started and is underway! God has really moved in the lives of a lot of the students already. We are so blessed to be a part of this school! Although things are extremely busy the Lord blessed us with such a season of rest while we were home. This week we are learning about 'Hearing Gods Voice' and it is truly amazing to watch these students HUNGER after the Lord. Whenever I pray for them or we have a time of Worship, they are just so hungry and I can just feel the Lord wanting to come and break through! It is really cool to be a part of!

An update for prayer for Justin and I: We are at the point where we have to apply for another visa. We were planning on just getting a 1yr working visa but because we would have to leave the country to apply and BOTH of us would have to do so, it became quit expensive. SO, we decided we are going to 
apply for our 428 which is a Religious Workers visa (good for 2 years). We can leave and come back whenever we want on it, however it is costing us approx $1,000. We have to do full background checks and it is very in depth so if you could PLEASE PRAY for favor from the immigration officials. We also were so blessed by YOU when we were home that we can actually afford to apply for this visa but it is definetly stretching our budget! We believe that this is what the Lord has put in front of us and we are ready to face the challenge with open arms!
Other then that things are going extremely well over here! It is winter so things are cold (no central heat
ing) in the mornings, but the afternoons are in the high 70's low 80's (tough winter huh). Just
in and I feel a renewed vision after being home for the DTS and as well for ourselves and we work out what 
the Lord has for us next. Like we told most of you at home, our hearts are longing for the N
ns and to be out there in the midst of it all. We are seeking God for wisdom as to where to go from here. Thank you for all of your prayers and support and I will WORK ON updating you more regularly!!

In Him!!
the tierneys :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

home sweet home

After a what seems like a whirlwind trip we find ourselves back to a little bit colder Australia. We had an amazing time visiting our friends and family and found so much favor as the Lord was blessing us with new supporters. I have never felt so loved and welcomed back to the church as i have this last trip home. I realized that people really DO read these blogs lol, and that we have such a cloud of protection around our marriage and our ministry. I wish we could have taken more time to tell those of you THANK YOU. 
To our new supporters WELCOME. Justin and I are on this crazy journey with the Lord and we love to share as much of it as we can with you! 

Since being back in Australia it seems like we haven't stopped which come to find out we actually really like! We have been full on leading (with our good friend Matt) the July school staff training. During these times we are training on things like; WHY we use discipleship, HOW AND WHY we do one on ones and small groups, the logistics of the school are un-covered and we really pray for a unity and vision for the school. I have to say that i have never been more excited to staff a school than i am for this july school.

The Lord has been just teaching and showing me so many things since being back "home".  I am reading this book right now by Gary Haugen called "Just Courage" (i would definetly recommend picking it up). It is a very challenging and inspiring book about our role as Christians and the World. "...this is the critical transition, when we who have been rescued by Christ come to understand that our rescue has not been simply for ourselves, but for an even more exalted purpose. In deed our own rescue is Gods plan for rescuing the world that He loves..."
Our heart for the Nations seems to be burning since we've come back. It is almost this ache inside of us that we just cant get rid of. I guess you could almost call it a burden. To go to bed at night thinking of these children, these women who have no rights, no freedom, no hope in this world. To look at ourselves and ask the tough questions like "what do you want us to do about this Lord?". I am scared to ask these questions because i know the answer will be challenging. I am ready though. I am ready and I am willing to go. I feel so empowered, so loved, so backed up by the church and His body of believers (thats you guys) to do this thing. Our future is unknown, our lives to some seem crazy, but we are on this crazy adventure called LIFE and i couldnt ask for anything more.