Sunday, November 29, 2009

90 degree thanksgiving

If you've never experienced it before, thanksgiving and christmas in the heat is something every single one of you should do. Perhaps so you can understand how truly awful it is. I know, i know, i shouldnt complain...i can walk 5 minutes to the beach from my front porch, but there is a certain something missed when you are just sweating as you eat thanksgiving dinner.

A group of about 15 Americans from the base got together for a wonderful thanksgiving meal. There were games, laughter, stories, and a group of people who have really become like the family we miss and love back in the states. Every one of us in some way have given up our time, energy, degrees, money, but most of all family to come out to this beautiful [but hot] country. We are all serving in different ways, using our gifts and abilities to help further the Kingdom. It was so cool to just stop and 'smell the roses' if you will. We all work so hard for something we love so much. But it comes with a price. I want all of you to know that although there was lots of laughter as we celebrated Thanksgiving down under, it wasn't without some tears as well.

You are so loved and so missed. Thank you for your continual prayers and support. We are truly thankful for you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

marathons...the prayer and running kind

(at 4:30 AM getting ready to run)
A few months back i was able to run a half marathon. Not only was this a HUGE accomplishment that i had been wanting to do for years, but in the midst of staffing a DTS it seemed like a huge feat. I had such a good time (even though i had to wake up at 4am just to run!). Justin came out and cheered me fun! I want to run another..hmmm, perhaps in India? haha

I encourage you guys to set a goal.... something you have always wanted to do and then GO AND DO IT!!! Even if it is something that is just for you. So you know that YOU did it. There are very few things that are as rewarding as setting a personal goal and then going for it.

Last week we had our notorious prayer week.
This is a time where we put all schedules and plans aside and we....PRAY. We have a few hours of lectures in the eveningswhich usually consists of ministry and worship, but we open up the church for a 24 hour around the clock prayer time. Students and staff are separated into groups and put into 2 hour slots to pray. During our "fire in the night" sessions we have 15 out of 23 students coming and staying up all night to worship the Lord. We had some amazing breakthroughs. People were getting healed emotionally and spiritually as well as a few physical healings! I love it when God moves in "old and new testament ways" but in our day to day life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

so its been awhile...

I know what your thinking...It's been a while since we blogged last(!) A lot is going on so try and keep up!

The school is going great. I wish you all could meet our wonderful students.
They are going for it with all that they have and it is so exciting to see. We are currently cruising at week 7 of the DTS. We have seen so many breakthroughs and I just know that the Lord has so much more in store. Willingness is a huge factor on the DTS. If you are willing, God will blow you away with what He has in store. These students just want it! Outreach is quickly approaching and my heart just grows bigger and bigger for the people of South Asia. It's funny, a year ago when we arrived i would have never thought i would be dying to leave the beautiful sunny coast to live and work in, i cant even stand it. I love how God
works sometimes!

We had the opportunity to go to Hawaii
this past week to partake in one of the most beautiful events...a wedding! Justins best friend growing up Bart got married in beautiful Kona, Hawaii. It was tough to say goodbye to the school but we packed our bags and enjoyed ourselves tremendously for the week. It was so nice to sleep and eat (american food like; Taco Del Mar, Wendys, Macaroni Grill, etc.) it may sound crazy to you...but these are the little things that you miss when living overseas! It was also great to hang out with friends and family and talk God and life and dream crazy dreams.

God has been teaching me [us] so much through leading this school. How to let go and fully surrender everything to Him. It isnt our school, its Gods school. A friend of ours Dan makes this point to us almost on a daily basis. We are so blessed to have humble challenging people around us to help us grow in our leadership. I personally have been challenged in working in the office. As many of you know, i love to be around people and interacting with the students, but because of this new role i have really stepped back and am focusing on building up the new staff and getting all of the logistics sorted. It is challenging and a bit frustrating but i am learning and growing so much. I am starting to see things in such a new light.

I am going to put up a few more blogs with pictures and some more fun things that are going stay tuned!!