Sunday, November 29, 2009

90 degree thanksgiving

If you've never experienced it before, thanksgiving and christmas in the heat is something every single one of you should do. Perhaps so you can understand how truly awful it is. I know, i know, i shouldnt complain...i can walk 5 minutes to the beach from my front porch, but there is a certain something missed when you are just sweating as you eat thanksgiving dinner.

A group of about 15 Americans from the base got together for a wonderful thanksgiving meal. There were games, laughter, stories, and a group of people who have really become like the family we miss and love back in the states. Every one of us in some way have given up our time, energy, degrees, money, but most of all family to come out to this beautiful [but hot] country. We are all serving in different ways, using our gifts and abilities to help further the Kingdom. It was so cool to just stop and 'smell the roses' if you will. We all work so hard for something we love so much. But it comes with a price. I want all of you to know that although there was lots of laughter as we celebrated Thanksgiving down under, it wasn't without some tears as well.

You are so loved and so missed. Thank you for your continual prayers and support. We are truly thankful for you.

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punomatic said...

I remember the time my parents spent Christmas in Rio de Janeiro, temperature 102 degrees. They said essentially the same things you have said. Know that we are with you in spirit, and we so appreciate the sacrifices you make to advance the kingdom of Christ. (Well, I'm not so sure about the five minutes to the beach part!! :-)) May God heartily bless you and your ministry. We think of you and pray for you daily.