Sunday, May 24, 2009

Family, Friends and a whole lot of FUN!

Since coming home we have had so much FUN! When we arrived in Los Angeles we got to hang out with a lot of Justin's friends who were graduating from Azusa Pacific University. We got to play on the beach (like we never get to do that in Australia!), hang out in Hollywood, and have some really cool conversations with those who are now being let out into the world. It was so cool to hear all of their dreams and aspirations. One group of girls is going to start an intentional community in Pasadena, a few guys we met are becoming college pastors, one who has a heart to take younger kids to Africa and places around the globe to get them in touch with poverty and injustice. I was so encouraged being there hearing Gods heartbeat with all of these college grads. 

We have been so blessed since we have been in Portland. I have had a wonderful time seeing my sister and parents as well as friends that i haven't seen since...the wedding! We have been encouraged by our Missions Pastor, had time to just sit and wait at the feet of our King, and gone back to our church where we are continually challenged and can sing at the top of our lungs in adoration and worship of Him!
 ----------UP NEXT: Indiana!! -----------

We are looking VERY forward to getting to Indiana and seeing Justin's family and friends out there. We are SO blessed by these people (well, by YOU) and are just trying to take it all in before we go back to Australia.

As many of you know we are home trying to find people who would like to partner with us in our 20/20 campaign. Out of those 20 we are excited to say that we are only looking for 19 more!! Thats right, we have 1 person who has jumped on board with us! This may discourage some people but we are so excited! Our heart behind the 20/20 is yes, to raise $400/month more in support but more so it is to give more people the opportunity to get involved in what God is doing in the Nations THROUGH us and what we are doing with YWAM Sunshine Coast. We will continue to keep you updated on how we are progressing in our support raising!

NOTE: If you are living in Indiana we are coming your way! Please email us or call us 574-612-2568 if you are around. We would love to meet with you and catch up!