Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DTS Update!

So last week we had a good friend of ours, Jason Solari, come up from the YWAM Brisbane base to speak on Hearing God’s Voice. The students connected with him so well straight away and as it was the first “lecture” week of our school they also began to connect with each other. As Jason told testimonies of his experience and went through examples in the Word many of the students began to recognize the still small voice of the Lord for the first time. Jason really emphasized RELATIONSHIP above everything else. Its not about us coming to God in order to get something from him or just hear him speak to us for the sake of speaking, but God longs to communicate with us intimately on a daily basis…and we all know that relationships, whether it be with friends, a spouse, or a co-worker, come down to communication.

This week our Base Manager, Dan Pennington, is speaking on the kingdom of God…something very close to our hearts. We’re not all the way through but the students and staff are being equally challenged on what Jesus’ essential message was and how we can live it out today.

Thanks so much for your prayers and for reading our blog…we really feel this is an amazing connection point for us and you who support us and believe in us.

Much love until next time.

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