Thursday, December 17, 2009

I wake up to the call to prayer. ½ the population of the United States crammed into a country the size of Wisconsin. People are everywhere. Beautiful faces but broken hearts. Hopelessness is the overwhelming feeling you get when you gaze into their eyes. I want to look at them; stare, gasp even when the man with crippled hands reaches out to me. Maybe he will make 40 Taka, 20cents. How do you reveal a God of hope, love, and joy to the millions of Bangladeshi’s who everyday are just trying to survive? I want to ask about the slavery that happens here…am I too scared? Maybe I’m scared of the truth. “This is the real deal”, Justin whispers to me as we walk down the crowded streets. I want to grab his hand but have to resist. Even as a married couple we are not allowed to display any type of affection in public. Instead I walk a step behind him avoiding eye contact with any male older than me. I want to understand. The western context in which I was brought up in holds me back from engaging at a deeper level. I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to hold the old woman and laugh with the children. Instead I walk silently with my head facing the ground, careful of where I’m stepping. Garbage everywhere. Babies lying on the sidewalk, I don’t know if they are dead or alive. A single tear rolls down my cheek…I can still hear the call to prayer. This is the real deal...


Matt said...

Hi Kelly
I am Amanda's Parkers Mom. This is so overwhelming! I am praying for these precious people who do not know the TRUTH and are in bondage! and for each one of you as you search for opportunities to minister and actually plant and share seeds of HOPE and TRUTH!
That the people there would receive the Truth and it would set them FREE! I am also praying that God would cover you with His protection and supernatural
tolerance to sickness and diseases. Love from across the world!!

Matthew Brown said...

Hey Kelly,
It's so crazy over there. I felt that same overwhelming feeling wondering how the heck we can even make a difference or if anyone even understands. We are so silly to think that we can actually make a change when we do things on our own. If you can just affect one life out of millions, then it's all worth it though. I hope and pray the team is doing well and you are unified. I look forward to seeing you guys soon:)