Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To our faithful FINANCIAL buddies...

Over the past few years the Lord has overwhelmed us with generous people who have caught vision for what we are doing and have been involved with it every step of the way. I wish there was more we could do or say that could express how thankful we are for you.Perhaps out of abundance or perhaps sacrificially you have given to us. Either way you have been an integral part of what the Lord is doing in many people’s lives all over the world. As we move home and start a new chapter there are a few realities that we need to address.

The first is that we will not be considered “full time missionaries” through Youth With A Mission. The work we are doing with our business and the schooling we are pursuing is to further ourselves so that we may be more effective “on the field” but we understand that if we have the opportunity to work and aren’t involved in direct ministry as our vocation then we can no longer receive support through YWAM. I know that many of you support us not because of YWAM but because you have caught onto the vision that we feel the Lord has given us. We are so blessed by that. Unfortunately (and fortunately) we can no longer receive your money, BUT there are many many organizations that are doing AMAZING things for the Kingdom that you can give your money to…(more to come on that!).

The second reality is that WE STILL NEED YOU. There are a few ways that you can still help financially and prayerfully over the next few months. If you have ever moved to a new city or better yet, internationally you understand that there are many costs to incur. We are essentially starting from scratch. We have already been blessed with a car (Praise the Lord!) but are still very much so in a bind. Our support has been wonderful and we have been able to go to many countries and live a healthy life in Australia…however we were unable to put much aside for occasions like this. With our one time cost shooting through the roof in the next few months there are few ways you can help if you choose to do so.

(1). You may continue to give your monthly support through May/June. Our goal is to be on our feet with jobs and an apartment and settled in from visiting family and starting classes by May/June. YWAM Tyler will still be accepting support for us through September but then we will be cut off from receiving tax-deductible donations. If you are currently donating to us through direct debit through YWAM Tyler-- please contact their office [accounting@ywamtyler.org] and notify them of when you want to stop your donation. If you do not notify them, your donations will be processed through September 13, 2010, which is when we are officially considered out of YWAM.

(2). We would be more than appreciative for a one-time donation. As stated above you may still do this through YWAM Tyler until September. If you are interested in our costs as we transition home we have made up a budget and would be more than willing to share that with you personally through email.

Please communicate with us if you have any questions about this next step. We will be trying as much as possible to meet with many of you when we arrive home to not only touch base with you, but to also act as a time of debriefing for ourselves. If you would also communicate with us what you are planning to do financially over the next few months... That would be very helpful! Understand as well that if you choose to pull your support and give your money elsewhere…PLEASE DO. There are so many organizations and people out there who are doing amazing AMAZING things for the Lords Kingdom. We can get you in contact with many of them (and I, of course will be blogging about some organizations you can give to).

Thank you. And just remember that we are all missionaries. If you are a Christian then no matter whether you live at home or abroad, you are called to be a missionary. Thank you for your support and please contact us with any questions!!

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