Tuesday, December 2, 2008


so just wanted to give you all an update on the lectures....last week we had our DTS director Ryan Kirk speaking on evangelism which was sweet cause instead of simply talking about fishing all week we actually went out and fished for ourselves each evening. Schoolies is sort of like spring break meets massive graduation beach party all week long. So every night we took the entire DTS down to the beach to serve and evangelize to the kids. It was such a sweet opportunity as many of the students (as well as staff) had a chance to share Jesus at least a few times, and me and Brent (a DTS student) even got to full on pray for a guy in front of all his friends!! So yeah pretty sweet stuff going on here. This week we have Neville, a pastor and church planter from Byron Bay speaking on Covenants which has been really challenging. Well thats all for now...only a few more weeks and were off to Vanuatu!

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