Thursday, December 11, 2008

countin' down the days

I'ts been a pretty full on week. A good friend of mine Bryan flew in from the States to speak on Inductive Bible know those people, who can get you excited about reading Leviticus (or any other book that is a bit tedious to get through), because they tell you so much of the heart and history behind it? Well, thats how this week has been. Finding a passion within myself to learn and study and know, but to encourage and see God reveal Himself through the Word has been...incredible to say the least.

We also had a time for Baptisms which was really cool to be a part of. Justin got to baptize 3 guys and pray over them as they made a public statement to proclaim their faith as a public act of Worship. We are seeing so much growth and maturity come out of these 30 students. Just a desire to know God, to dig deeper and experience Him in a personal, intimate way...this is why we are here.

We had a meeting a few weeks back to discuss our heart for this upcoming year...if you know Justin and I at all, you would know that this is very unlike us to make plans a year in advance. Over the past few weeks though, God had been teaching us about commitment..not just commiting to a place for 6 months or something but really committing...being RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. We have been challenged to give ourselves wholeheartedly to this base and the vision being cast here. We talked and prayed and felt a peace that truely does transcend all understanding...We have a lot of things still to pray about and God is continuing to challenge us with things to step up and do. If you would like to pray for us or know more about these plans feel free to email us at:

We are so blessed to have your support and love. God is doing so much and i wish i had the time to write down all that He is blowing us away with. You. Me. Us. We are all a part of something so much bigger going on. Gods Kingdom is moving and expanding. THANK YOU!

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